Who we are

Our School...

Never boring classes! Interactive, engaging, well-structured and, above all, fun courses are what we stand

for - providing the best instructors and learning materials for your swimming lessons.

Red frog swimming school was born in 2009 with a group of highly qualified and experienced swimming teachers.

We are all dedicated to passing on swimming skills to our classes that will encourage a lifetime love of the

water. We have been in the business of teaching swimming for over 25 years in different countries. Instruction will be of the highest standard.

Our goal is to teach your kids to swim and learn how to be safe around water. We maintain the highest quality of swimming instruction by keeping abreast of current childhood development trends, providing ongoing comprehensive training for our staff and constantly reviewing our program and teaching methods for maximum effectiveness. We provide outstanding customer service by keeping our customers informed, listening to and understanding their needs and concerns, valuing our relationship with them and making them feel very welcome.

Swimming is fun!

So no worries about the safety of your kids. We work hard to teach them how to be safe in the water. You just focus on the beautiful experience we can offer your kids through different teaching techniques, which is excellent for all levels!

Learning to swim is an essential life skill and one of the best gifts you can give your children.

What are the differences between Red Frog and other swimming schools?

• Smaller group size because we believe in a personal service

• Trained instructors & friendly classes

• We teach without armbands

• Instructors are in the water

• The levels are designed to reflect the children's abilities instead of their ages

Why do we love water?

60% of our body is water, and 70% of our planet's surface is water. It is essential and fundamental that we use and needs water every day. We use it for travelling, surfing, fishing, drinking, relaxing, and more.

Here in Ireland, we are entirely surrounded by water.

We love water, and we love swimming in it.

Yes, we have a passion for swimming, and that's why you will love swimming with us...